Problogger interviews Joel Johnson

Problogger interviewed Joel Johnson, Editer of the Gawker Media blog Gizmo:

ProBlogger - What do you see as the potential for blogging? Why do you personally do it? What advantages and disadvantages do you see in it in comparison to other formats of websites.

Joel - In 2005, the first blogger will eat a cheese danish live on the web. By 2006 all cheese danish bakers will be forced by citizen journalism into a transparent manufacturing process, making their product incredible difficult to locate and eat. Blogging is the web+speed. It’s only a revolution because it took people 10 years to accept individuals on the web as a source of information, not because anything new is actually happening.

I do it because I love the speed of reporting on the web, I love the cheek-to-cheek interaction with the readers, and I love a paycheck. Its advantages are mainly lower quality (but only slightly) due to a lack of editorial process/oversight, but in general the format is built to capitalize on the strengths of the web. To me its the creation that has evolved to most perfectly fit its environment, so its really more a question of ‘why should we do a format *besides* a blog?’ At least when you’re talking about the leading edge of news stories.

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