Online Youth Ministry Book Club

Gday all, I’ve been pestered and pestered about the possibility of starting a youth ministry bookclub, so I’ve started one over at:

Every 1.5/2  Months a new book will be chosen for participants to discuss online. If the group decides later on to change the time length that will be decided as a group. Books are purchasable through either Kentigern Books, Ridley Books or Koorong Books.

Group Rules:

  • Participants will engage in discussion with compassion and understanding.
  • All Participants are entitled to their own opinion but are asked to use this compassion and understanding when in conversation with others in the group.
  • This is a book club discussion group, participants are asked to keep private conversations or advertisements about other activities off of the list.
  • Any issues with the group shall be discussed with the moderator.

Book Titles and Dates:

  • October 15 - November 30 2007: Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli.
  • December 01 - January 15th 2008:Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli
  • January 15th - March 01 2008: Exiles by Michael Frost
  • March 01 - April 30th 2008: Deep Ministry in a Shallow World by Chap Clark and Kara Powell
  • May 01st - June 15th 2008: Real Kids, Real Faith by Karen Yust

If you’re keen join up over at