The Cafe Church Animation Project CD ROM

A resource of all the animations created by the Cafe Church community in Glebe.

$30 + postage and handling.

Cafe Church Glebe is meshing art with technology as a way of enriching their gatherings for worship.

From 2002 - 2003, Cafe Church employed a digital artist, Rick Bull, who produced animations - prayers, scripture passages, visualised themes. We have been using these as a regular part of our worship.Think of them as contemporary stained glass windows in motion.

This program continued in 2004. Cafe Church secured the services of Rob Thwaites (theatrical practitioner, digital artist) as Arts Facilitator, and Cameron Semmens (performance poet and wordsmith) and Pete Harding (musician and digital artist) as Artists in Residence.

This is the coolest news in the last month or two…

Cafechurch in Glebe have decided to release their annimation project, on cd rom for everyone to purchase. The official launch will be this Sunday with a special celebration…

Go here NOW and either order via a pdf orderform, by credit card or by Paypal. (The easiest way is paypal…)

Link: The Cafe Church Animation Project CD ROM

If everyone in the blogosphere could link this it’d be great…

Heck, don’t stop at just linking it, purchase it!